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"The elements of natures free form spirit that shapes and distorts things to its own liking has inspired my creative research and observations. By emulating and refining these time honored forces of wind, rain and sun bleached textures, plus natural patina, I have learned to employ these elements towards my own original forming process to control and produce three dimensional sculpture that have proved to be successful. Through this kind of exploration I discovered a source enabling me to create many original concepts."

Landscape Sculpture

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When reality becomes art.
The contrasting open air paintings adjacent to the pure white sculpture
seem to convey a healthy aura of natures upbeat purity and freshness.
Some examples of these observations are "20th Century Chess Set", "Nature Form", "Fem" and the New Age sound of the "Garden Harp". All were prompted by the free form knowledge that evolved into the theme of this series. The results are an achievement of uncompromising truth. Contact Robert Toth with your special needs.

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