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'Garden Harp'
'Garden Harp'(colored)
Garden Harp, High fired white bisque 26 inches high.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.

Price: $600.00         in color $900.00

The piano has not been seen this way before.The need for the artist to change things is motivated by the need for novelty as a form of entertainment. A desire to transform things and be transformed by them, in order to expand vision, and enhance consciousness, let the provocative beauty in strangeness take us to the exotic realm of the creative imagination where all things are possible.

Our perception of reality is from an improved consciousness that has been elevated by a vision.

The Free Form sculpture is a creative awareness exercise that cultivates a more receptive mind sensitve to imagery, fantasy and ideas. It is an abstract language in which our imagination speaks.

    Robert Richard Toth

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