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Toth Retrospective (An Artist's Life) at The Waterworks

Many of Robert Toth’s inspirational busts of prominent individuals from his Masters and Men of Music series have been commisioned, purchased and exhibited at museums around the world. Some of the affiliations are shown below.
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Artist Robert Toth shown with bust of Benjamin Franklin commissioned by the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia

Dr. Toru Funahashi of Osaka, Japan, an admirer of the late inventor Thomas Alva Edison, has purchased several Edison sculpted pieces created by Robert Toth. Dr. Funahashi presented the works to the Iwashimizu-Hachiman Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, for permanent display at the shrine's Edison Memorial.

Toth has sold Edison sculptures to the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sculptures of famous musicians, including Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Verdi and Caruso from Toth's Men of Music Series , were originally created for the Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, New York.

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Some of Robert Toth's Motorcycle Art is on display at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum (AMA), Pickerington, Ohio

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A retrospective exhibit of Robert Toth´s work at Stanley College, NC.
A recent exhibit of Robert Toth´s work at The Spencer Museum Show, NC.

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An exhibit of Robert Toth´s bronze Einstein Bust and bronze Freud Bust in The Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, PA.

This exhibition will celebrate the Centennial of the introduction of Freud's Three Essays on Sexuality and Einstein's annus mirabilis by displaying the work and personal ephemera of both men. Original manuscripts, documents, first-edition publications, and works of art interpreting the work and identities of both individuals form the core of the exhibition and will be loaned from the collection of Ursinus College alumnus George Bause '77. Exhibition curated by Evan Bause, FAISES, and George Bause, M.D. (Ursinus '77). For both Freud and Einstein, 1905 was a banner year. The world had largely ignored Sigmund Freud's 1899 masterwork The Interpretation of Dreams, so the future "Father of Psychoanalysis" was almost pleased six years later with the notoriety greeting his Three Essays on Sexual Theory. Year 1905 was also Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis ("miracle year"). In merely six months, the physicist submitted five groundbreaking papers, which 1) solved the mystery of Brownian motion, 2) expounded his theory of special relativity ( leading to E = mc2 ), and 3) paved the way to quantum physics with an explanation of the photoelectric effect. The last effort earned Einstein the Nobel Prize- an honor which eluded Freud lifelong. "The Bause Collection of Freudiana and Einsteiniana" showcases rare publications and images of these two great men, including photography by Max Halberstadt, Fabian Bachrach, Lotte Jacobi, Lucien Aigner, and Philippe Halsman; 2-D art by Ferdinand Schmutzer, Ben Shahn, Salvador Dali, Paul Meltsner, Andy Warhol, Ferdie Pacheco, and Seymour Chwast; and 3-D art by Robert Toth, Howard Finster, Joel Rudnick, Ramona Hotel, Lynne Yale, R.D. Adams, and Philip Sustachek. "Images & Energies" celebrates the imagination and energy that Freud and Einstein wielded in 1905 to reveal, respectively, the drives behind our inner selves and the forces of the universe.



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